Pet Lovers Rejoice!

I have been fortunate to have loved 4 Great Pyrenees dogs in my life, so when Maytag launched the New Pet Pro System, I said “Where has this been all this time?”

The fur on the clothes, the fur on the bedding, the fur on their towels, the FUR….oh, the fur.

We love our pets, but almost every pet owner knows the inconvenience of washing your clothes or bedding and having them come out still looking “petting zoo fresh”.

I am happy to share a quick introduction to Maytag’s new washer and dryer that will help us “fight the fur”.

How it works..

Maytag’s unique, built in Pet Pro filter removes 5x more pet hair than a regular washing machine. Using the Pet Pro option on the washer gives the machine additional water and a deep rinse to lift and capture pet hair from your clothing. Sounds great so far.

The pet hair is then caught in the Pet Pro filter, which can easily be emptied after each cycle.

Once the wash is done, the Maytag Pet Pro Dryer is designed to filter any remaining pet hair into the extra large lint trap. It’s built into the top of the machine, making it easy to remove for cleaning. The dryer also has an option to use no-heat extended dry time to lift pet hair off clothes and capture it in the lint trap.

The new Pet Pro system takes in to account the unique needs and challenges of pet owners that traditional washers and dryers have failed to meet until now. A game changer for anyone with a pet in their life.

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Pet Pro Top Load Washer – 5.4 cu. ft. IEC MVW6500MBK – Homestead Furniture & Appliances (

Pet Pro Top Load Electric Dryer – 7.0 cu. ft. YMED6500MBK – Homestead Furniture & Appliances (

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