Happy Valentines Day

Your Homestead Valentines Our blog this month is going to offer a bit of a personal insight to your Homestead team. With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I have challenged the team to think of 14 things they love and share them here for February’s blog. An interesting and hopefully fun… Read More

Ringing in the New Year

Making New Year’s resolutions is not only a great personal tradition, but a smart approach for small businesses looking to thrive in a competitive market. By setting clear goals, being adaptable and striving for continuous improvement, small businesses can plan for prolonged success. We thought it would be fun to… Read More

What Happens When You Shop Local?

What happens when you shop local? You invest in the community. Local businesses play a significant role in supporting and donating to neighbourhood charities. Small businesses contribute 250% more than the big box stores, to local non-profits, and regional causes. Here at Homestead we donate and fundraise for Big Brothers/Big… Read More

Fun facts about Furniture!

We all like a little bit of useless knowledge to store away for those Trivia nights out, or to channel your very best Cliff Claven at the bar with your friends. This month we are offering up a few bits of frivolous wisdom all about furniture. The word “furniture” comes… Read More

Celebrating Boss’s Day and our Boss Tyler

I’m offering up something a little different for the blog for the month of October. The 16th of this month is Boss’s Day. A day to offer appreciation to all the bosses that make the workplace wonderful and foster open communication and understanding. October 16th serves as a reminder of… Read More

Autumn is the Season for Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Scandinavian word for the feeling of warmth, togetherness, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Taking in fall’s changing colours,  embracing the cooler weather and wearing your coziest sweater are great ways of achieving a sense of Hygge. Can you get that same snuggly feeling by decorating… Read More

Finding the Right Mattress for You

We all grew up with the Goldilocks story and her search for a good night’s sleep. “This bed is too soft!” “This bed is too hard!” “This bed is juuuussst right” But just how does someone channel their inner Goldilocks and find the perfect mattress? And what should you consider… Read More

La-Z-Boy meets Wellness Technology

La-Z-Boy has introduced a new fabric that offers Nanobionic technology on a number of their recliners and sofas. What is Nanobionic fabric you ask? And why would I want it on my chair? Nanobionic Technology is a blend of ethically sourced minerals that is made into a liquid form which… Read More

It’s Cottage Season!

Summer is soon upon us, and for a lot of people that means opening the cottage. An exciting time to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors. As you get to cleaning, restocking, and unpacking, do your thoughts turn to a bit of redecorating? You think to yourself “this is the summer… Read More

Pet Lovers Rejoice!

I have been fortunate to have loved 4 Great Pyrenees dogs in my life, so when Maytag launched the New Pet Pro System, I said “Where has this been all this time?” The fur on the clothes, the fur on the bedding, the fur on their towels, the FUR….oh, the… Read More

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