It’s Cottage Season!

Summer is soon upon us, and for a lot of people that means opening the cottage. An exciting time to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors. As you get to cleaning, restocking, and unpacking, do your thoughts turn to a bit of redecorating? You think to yourself “this is the summer for some changes”.

You may be wanting to make big, overall changes to your place or you could add some new accents to give some flair to a room.  Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

The Whole New Look

Whether you have purchased your cottage furnished, or it has been in the family for years, it might be time to consider replacing some of the larger pieces of furniture.

Sofa styles and their use may have changed since you got the cottage. Think about large, comfy couches in a durable, neutral colour. Deep seating sofas are a great addition for rainy-day movie viewing or sharing the day’s adventures.

Maybe the decorating needs to shift focus to the bedroom. On average you spend about one third of your day on your mattress, so the one at the cottage should be as comfortable as the one you have at home. A good guideline for replacing your mattresses should be every seven years or so.

Depending on your preference and comfort level consider a Hybrid mattress, coils and foam, or an all foam mattress. There are also some convenient bed-in-a-box options for easy transport up to the cottage.

Along with a new mattress, maybe a whole new bedroom set is just what your room needs. Consider some rustic looking night stands with storage, or perhaps even storage drawers in the bed itself.

Accent-uate the Positive!

If a major renovation isn’t in the works, perhaps think of a few key pieces to bring some style to your space.

Switching it up with a few great accent coffee and side tables or even a media chest with storage might be just what your room needs. Natural wood tones, light colours or something cottage themed are always a wonderful addition.

Lamps are an easy way to change up the look and literally brighten up your room. Choose a classic shape and shade or something rustic that will reflect the homey feel of the cottage.

Area rugs are another easy way to change up the style of your room, not to mention being cozy under your feet.  A fresh new look can be achieved with a funky pattern or a soft subtle toned rug.

Dockside or Fireside

If the inside of the cottage is all set for the summer, maybe turn your attention to your spaces outside. Is the dockside seating ready for morning coffee and special sunrises? Does the seating around the campfire need a new look for marshmallow and sing -along time? Available in a few different styles, our Muskoka chairs are ready for all seasons, low maintenance and add style and colour to any outdoor space.

Whether it’s big new additions or small accent changes to your cottage, have fun with your style. You should feel like you are on vacation every day!



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