2023 Furniture Trends

After 47 years in business, Homestead Furniture has seen furniture trends come and go, and sometimes come around again. Our design team personally selects the models and fabrics that are on display here in our showroom, so keeping up with today’s current styles and décor is very important.

Here’s our quick guide to what trends we will be watching for this coming year.

That 70’s Look

While we won’t be revisiting Harvest yellow refrigerators any time soon, the inspiration in furniture from the 70’s is becoming ever more apparent. Earth tones are the colour palette of this era, paprika, mustards, rusts and browns. We are seeing these colours on soft curved upholstered pieces accented with low simple wooden tables.




Be Bold!

If you have been considering adding a statement piece of furniture to your space, this is the time! The trend of accenting your room with something in a large print, or a beautiful wide stipe is certainly up and coming. Vintage inspired patterns will also be in the forefront of that bold accent look this year.


Comfort & Style

We have all spent a large amount of time cozied up at home over the last couple of years. Given that, we are still placing importance on family down-time and enjoying stylish, comfortable sofas. Large sectionals that offer a great space to gather, sink in and relax will remain a favourite in 2023.

Go Green!

Many consumers are asking for products that are environmentally conscious. The trend is to choose Canadian made furniture to minimize our carbon footprint. Supporting companies that source sustainable and renewable materials for natural wood finishes on accent pieces and selecting eco-friendly materials have become important factors when purchasing pieces for the home.


We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom where some of the best of 2023’s furniture styles are on display and where our knowledgeable design staff will help you find the perfect pieces for your home.

"Unmatched customer service along with endless selection and amazing prices. The list goes on, you won’t be disappointed! Highly recommend purchasing your home goods from homestead!" - Colt R.