10 Living Room Layout Hurdles

Here are 10 common living room layout hurdles:

 …and tips on how to get over them!

Decorating your living room can be a challenge. Choosing the right layout is so important to not only how the room looks, but how it functions for you and your family. Here is a quick list of common mistakes to avoid and some suggestions to follow to make your living room the best it can be.

  1. Lack of Focus

Solution: any great living space should have one great focal point. A wonderful view out the window, a fireplace, or a marvellous piece of art works well. Arrange your furniture to take advantage of any of these examples and think about how each seat will view the focal point for an inviting space. Including a swivel chair is a great  idea to accommodate everyone’s viewpoint.

  1. Inadequate Table Space

Solution: As a rule of thumb each seat in your living room should be able to reach a table surface. Place end tables to safely put down your drink, a coffee table for magazines, or a serving tray for atop your soft ottoman. Also consider nesting tables that can be pulled out when needed.

  1. Seating arrangement seems distant.

Solution: Place the sofas or sofa and chairs opposite each other. This arrangement encourages conversations and interactions making your space feel cozier and more engaging.

  1. Empty space

Solution: Give those awkward or empty spaces a purpose. Creating designated functions within your space gives it structure and adds interest to your design. For example, add an occasional chair and small table for a beautiful reading space.

  1. Sofa with its back to the entrance of the room.

Solution: Introduce a console or sofa table behind the sofa. This will help anchor the space and adds an extra surface to decorate, landing your eye on something of interest, instead of the blank back of your couch. The right console table may even have some extra storage.

  1. Crossed paths

Solution: Make a defined and clear path for a smooth flow through the room. It makes your space accessible and welcoming. Think about doorways, general traffic patterns and walking in front of someone sitting in the regular “spot”.

  1. Wall Flowers

You would think that pushing your furniture flat against your living room walls would make it feel more open, but it actually has the opposite effect.

Solution: Pull the sofa away from the walls, giving it some “breathing” space and a more airy feel to the whole room.

  1. Not enough Light

Solution: layers of lighting create the mood throughout the day and evening. Use a mixture of lamps, a floor lamp for lighting up a dark corner and table lamps for reading.

  1.  Off Balance

Solution: achieving a good balance in the living room is key to eye catching design. Making sure the weighty or hefty pieces, like sectionals are offset by other pieces. Choose a bold colour or a chair with an interesting shape.

This will keep the room in harmonious balance.

  1. No place for your stuff

Solution: Think about storage in your layout. Bookshelves or cabinets area great addition to your living room. Dress them with interesting family pieces or books you have loved. Consider an ottoman with hidden storage. By including a few clever pieces, it will keep your living room organized and clutter free.


Keeping the size and shape of your room while considering these points will help you create a space that is functional and looks great too! Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different layouts until you find the one that works for you.


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