What Happens When You Shop Local?

What happens when you shop local?

  • You invest in the community.

Local businesses play a significant role in supporting and donating to neighbourhood charities. Small businesses contribute 250% more than the big box stores, to local non-profits, and regional causes. Here at Homestead we donate and fundraise for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Durham, Operation Scugog, Oakridge Hospice and Community care. We are also proud sponsors of some fantastic local softball and hockey teams, as well as our curling and lawn bowling clubs. By supporting charities, youth groups and local service groups, small businesses like Homestead create a positive cycle of giving back.

For every $100 spent in a small business, roughly $68 recirculates in other regional businesses. The employees tend to be more engaged members of the community themselves.

  • You receive better customer service.

All small businesses value each of their customers. Every interaction, purchase and positive review matter. Employees tend to be more knowledgeable of the products they are selling and take the time to get to know their clients, making for a happier, personalized shopping experience. If any problems do arise a small business is more likely to do everything they can to make it right.

  • You find creativity and originality.

Small businesses need to stand out from the big box stores. Entrepreneurs tend to offer unique products to sell. In this busy shopping season, finding that perfect, particular gift can be easy at a local store. They also become more innovative in meeting each of the clients’ specific needs and situations, making that custom shopping experience even easier.

  • You support vibrant communities.

When a town or city’s streets are lined with local shops and businesses, they inject a wonderful character to that area and can offer memorable shopping moments. The sounds of laughter and music from the local pub, the smell of fresh baked goods from the bakery, and during this time of year, the festive decorations for the holidays all add to a dynamic community.

  • You reduce your environmental impact.

Shopping local reduces your carbon footprint and helps cut down on pollution. Local businesses often source their products from manufacturers close to their region and understand the importance of supporting other Canadian companies.

Its’s a busy time of year, and obviously a great way to support small businesses is by stopping in and checking off your shopping list. But there are other great ways to show your support for your favourite local stores.

Start by leaving a positive review on the internet. Many people are referring to online reviews before they shop, your affirmation can make a difference.

Take to your Socials! Share your favourite local business, post a nice comment on one of their posts or follow new local businesses on their social pages.

Tell your friends! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a small business. Let your friends know about a great experience or a wonderful store.

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