Small Space Furniture That You May Not Know Exists

Form and function are hard to come by, especially when you are pressed for space. Here are a few conversation pieces that we have available to order that will make your small space living more comfortable and unique.

Adjustable Shelving Unit

Rupert Shelving Unit

This shelving unit by Amisco is both stylish and versatile. You can adjust the table and shelf height to turn it into the perfect kitchen island, a home office, or add another stool for a dining table. Configure based on what you need!

Living Room Island

Living Room Island Amisco

Your living room is the place to be for your family and friends and seating for everyone is a must. In between parties, your island can serve as a dinner table or a makeshift home office where you can finish up some work. This sofa table/island by Amisco will optimize your seating without cluttering your space! Win, Win!

Lift Top Table

Magnussen Contemporary Lift Top Table

These lift top tables by Magnussen are engineered to save you space. Park yourself on the sofa, plug into Netflix and have your laptop at a comfortable height without breaking your back or the bank.

Condo Sofa

Trendline Condo SofaSuperstyle Condo Sofa

SuperStyle and Trendline are only two of our many manufacturers that have a variety of styles available to suit your small space. A condo sofa is typically 10 inches shorter in length than a standard sofa, which could be enough room to give you the clearance and comfort you need. Come have a look at our style and fabric selection, each piece is a custom order.

Storage BedAmisco Storage bed drawers open

Sacrificing your bed size for a place to store your socks is a crime! With bedrooms getting smaller and smaller, finding space for your queen size bed and dresser just doesn’t seem possible. This Amisco storage bed is a two in one! Form and Function at its finest. They have a variety of different styles and colours available to suit any decor!

Hopefully there is something to be said for our selection of innovative and down-right cool products! Downsizing (or rightsizing) is never easy, we are here to help you make it work. Get excited about your small space by making it functional and unique. Each furniture piece is made to order, so give us a call and let us help you get started!

“Truly the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time!” - Penny W.