La-Z-Boy meets Wellness Technology

La-Z-Boy has introduced a new fabric that offers Nanobionic technology on a number of their recliners and sofas.

What is Nanobionic fabric you ask? And why would I want it on my chair?

Nanobionic Technology is a blend of ethically sourced minerals that is made into a liquid form which is then applied to the back of the fabric before it is upholstered to the final product.

The combination of those minerals converts body heat into infrared rays which is then reflected back into the body, as invisible waves of energy.

What do Infrared rays do?

Infrared rays are known to be unique in their ability to soothe and stimulate the human body, helping users feel more energized and recharged.

Studies have shown that infrared rays are known to redirect energy back to the body for health benefits like:

*Aiding Relaxation

*Helping reduce muscle tension

*Aiding in reducing inflammation

*Promoting restful sleep

Will I feel it working?

You will not necessarily feel the Nanobionic technology working, as it temporarily stimulates local micro-circulation. This allows your body to better balance it’s temperature without you feeling either warm or hot.

The Nanobionics start working within the first few minutes and continues to work while you are relaxing in your La-Z-Boy furniture. Contact with the furniture’s upholstery is all that is required with no side effects as the technology is non-invasive.

What are the benefits?

Along with adding a stylish piece La-Z-Boy furniture into your space, you may also benefit from:

  • A boost of energy
  • Release of muscle tension
  • More relaxed
  • Well rested
  • Overall sense of wellness

In fact, NASA is utilizing new Nanobionics for fabrics in the Mars Mission!

Will it match my décor?

La-Z-Boy is offering 3 different patterns that are made in 14 soft neutral colours to match any room. Most of La-Z-Boy’s chair and sofa styles are available in the new Nanobionic fabrics.

Keeping up with technology can sometimes be hard, but La-Z-Boy has just made it easier and more beneficial for your health to embrace it in a new piece of furniture.

“Outstanding customer service! They were so helpful and friendly!” - Larissa H.