Applicable Appendix for Appliances

Applicable Appendix for Appliances

Appealing alliteration aside, the language surrounding today’s household appliances and their new features may seem a little complex. Our knowledgeable sales staff here at Homestead are always on hand to help you navigate through the new terminology, but we thought we would put together a handy glossary to familiarize yourself before your next appliance purchase.

Energy Star: a Rating that is granted indicating that the appliance is energy efficient.

Energy Guide: the label provided by manufacturers that estimates the annual use and operating cost of the appliance.

ADA Compliant: signifies a product’s compliance with the standards of accessibility of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Max Cool: a feature that drops the refrigerator temperature to the coldest level within one hour to help chill groceries, beverages, and ingredients for serving. After 2 hours, the temperature will automatically be restored to previous setting.

Counter Depth: Refrigerators that are designed to match the depth of your cabinets and counter tops. On average they measure 28-30” deep, while their full-sized friends on average are 33” deep.


Induction: the type of heating elements on cook tops or ranges that uses electromagnetic energy to create heat. The magnetic waves heat the contents of the pot while the surface of the cooktop remains cool.  Special magnetic cookware is required for cooking.

Fan Convection/True Convection: A fan in the oven that moves the hot air around the inside of the oven, allowing for a more even bake or roast. In True convection, there is a heated element behind the fan that generates more warm air for the fan to circulate throughout the oven.

Bridge Element: a feature on cooktops or ranges that lets you connect 2 burners to make 1 longer cooking surface. Great for roast pans and making gravy!


Dual Power Filtration: Skip pre-rinsing with this convenient feature. Dual Power Filtration combines 100% microfiltration and a 4-blade stainless steel chopper to filter out then disintegrate any food in its path.

3rd Level Rack: a specialized wash zone for small mugs or bowls and long cutlery. This extra rack brings more loading space and cleaning power right to the top of the dishwasher.


Flush Mount: when closed, the door sits flush with standard depth cabinets for a stylish and seamless look.

Under counter Drawer: a top loading microwave that installs in a kitchen island or wall, freeing up counter space for food preparation.


Agitator: the central column in the drum of the washer that rotates in the opposite direction of the spin.

Impeller: similar to a “fan” of water at the base of the washer, also spinning in the opposite direction, but uses water to create a counter current through the clothes to get them clean.


Moisture sensor: found in dryers it detects the amount of moisture in the drum and helps prevent over drying.

Steam Refresh: releases wrinkles and reduces odours without rewashing. Using water and a bit of heat, items will be ready to wear in no time!


Appliance features sure have advanced lately, we hope this guide will help you understand just some of the new technology and its terminology for all the great appliances that make your life easier in your home.

“I love my new recliner! Your staff was awesome to deal with all the way through, from helping select it to delivery.” - Keith B.